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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 21st of september, 2012. fall is in the air. it officially begins tomorrow morning. is that correct? >> 10:39 a.m. >> really, 10:48 would be more convenient. >> you can sleep in, get a little work done, read the paper and then fall is there. >> fall will be there at 10:49. i'm savannah guthrie and willie geist in for matt and al roker. are robert pattinson and kristen stewart really getting back
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together >> i hope so. >> when will we have answers? >> america wants to know, and who will walk away with emmy statues this weekend. fierce competition among us. all have different opinions. >> yes, we do. >> talk about that in different minutes. >> and the great escape. fall is here as al said. if you want to go out and look at leaves, maybe that's your thing. easy weekend getaways, head to a sunny beach before it gets too cold. some affordable ideas for you. >> and some parenthood frustrations. your kids may have annoying or even embarrassing habits. how to break them before they become a little too engrained. of course, kids probably think we have some embarrassing habits. >> tell al about what happened with your daughter. >> sure. >> back-to-school night last night, kindergartner. every morning they go up to the board, a smart board where can you touch the screen. >> sure. >> to learn the day's weather what. comes up, a huge picture of al roker. >> wow. >> the little kid and touch the face of al and the forecast comes up and the teacher says go touch our friend al. >> excuse me. i think it's time to check in
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with natalie morales. >> miss morales over at the news desk. >> that's a good one. good morning, everyone. the campaign trail hits two battleground states today. president obama heads to a rally in virginia while republican candidate mitt romney fund-raises in nevada, this as romney says the president was conceding failure when he remarked that washington can't be changed from the inside. the obama campaign responded by noting that romney made nearly identical comments back in 2007 when he also said washington must be changed from the outside. american airlines customers are dealing with an increase in cancelled and delayed flights. the nation's third largest carrier blames the problems on pilots calling in sick and crew members filing maintenance requests. the pilots union, however, blames company mismanagement and old aircraft. american has cut jobs and benefits it is a reorganizes under bankruptcy protection. the payoff has arrived this morning for iphone fans around the world who waited patiently outside apple stores for the new
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iphone 5 to go on sale. millions have already been ordered online. well, despite some well publicized glitches with the mapping software, apple is expected to ship 10 million iphone 5s by the end of the month. new york city police have released hotel surveillance video of the incident that led to lindsay lohan's arrest on a hit-and-run charge. lohan was driving her suv on a parking ramp when she apparently hit a bystander. her spokesman said this incident appeared to be much ado about nothing. fiona apple is released on bail after spending the night in jail on a drug stop. police found small amounts of marijuana and hashish and apple admitted they were hearse on a checkpoint stop. scarlet joe honsen is returning to broadway and will star as maggie in tennessee williams "cat on a hot tin roof," the role elizabeth taylor
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played. she won a tony award for her broadway debut in arthur miller's "a view from a bridge" a few weeks ago. this is some pig. this goat got stuck in a lake and struggled in the water. good thing he had a friend in a little piglet who came paddling in to bail his buddy out. isn't that adorable? the video, as can you imagine, is going viral on youtube. and a bonus viral animal video for you on this friday. this chameleon knows how to flight flu season. got to wash those hands, as strangely cute as this would be, maybe impressive if he used soap. wash those hands and get rid of the cold germs. maybe he has a little ocd. >> a bunch of us are still back on the pig video because -- because there is a punch line. don't eat a pig like that all at once.
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>> oh, oh. okay. >> i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs. let's see what's going on as far as your weather. we are looking at some showers down through southern florida. wet weather also in the upper great lakes. we expect a beautiful day out in the pacific northwest, though air stagnation advisories for the pacific northwest. the sunshine and heat conditions in the southwest. that's what's going on around the a >> it looks like it will be another nice day as we close down the work week. it should be warmer than the past couple of days as well. we will make it up to 78 this
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time now for today's "take 3" where the three of us, al, natalie and i give our take on the stories that catch our attention and yours and offering his two cents of the day, willie geist. >> hoping were you going to come around and touch my head so i can do the weather. >> does it work? >> we'll let that be. like a sitting in a ray moore and flanagan living room. >> you can join us any time. >> what are we talking about? >> talking about first, i'm a jersey girl, and you may have heard there's new rule in new jersey coming to get your driver's license, can't smile anymore. >> kind of like the passport. >> like they are legislating an ugly photo. >> well, i think they say because it kint fear with the new facial recognition software. they are a picture of my driver's license. all smiles after waiting four hours to take written test which
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i barely passed, and, of course -- >> enough about you. >> i was smiling. >> you look cute in that photo. >> i'll have to change that. >> and there's al's smile. >> you're smiling, too. >> that was right as i got arrested. >> what, me worried? >> what about you, will? >> a tough guy look right there. >> wow. >> they never tell you quite when they are snapping it. you're standing there and all of a sudden it's over. >> like a prep school guy gone bad. >> do the prep school thing. >> this is savannah. >> what the heck, who is that? >> that picture is from -- it's from the -- well -- >> from a video game. >> it's from the '90s, look at the expiration on my arizona driver's license. can you do a close-up. it's 2036. >> that's what you're supposed to look like then. >> they don't care. they don't want to see you until you're 65. >> wow. >> way to go, arizona. >> arizona, that is a great state. come to the dmv once in your
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life. >> perfect. >> savannah guthrie, the gothic years. >> kind of hideous. >> next the iphone 5, natalie and i were talking about it this morning. i think there's a gender divide. all the guys in my life are getting it today. >> okay. how many are there? >> well, like you, you. i was thinking of you. >> i'm not getting in line. i'll wait for things to calm down. >> but you've order it had. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> willie doesn't even have an iphone yet. >> i have problem with the typing, and i know people have said you'll work through it. >> i do, too. >> i may cave on this one and go get one but i won't wait in line. >> matt's getting his today. getting an iphone 5. >> it is a strange, like an adult cabbage patch kids phenomenon, have to have it right now. 40 years old. settle down. >> i'm going to way. my iphone is even cracked, and i'm like, maybe i should go get one. >> sure. >> eventually.
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>> i'll work until they work out that map kink. >> the map kink. >> come back to us, exactly. >> emmy awards this week. >> yeah. >> excited about this. >> this is pretty exciting. >> 15th annual. >> all have different predictions. >> savannah and i watch the same shows. soul sisters. >> in television watching. >> i hooked you on "downtown abb abby". >> "uptown abby" where things get bad. have an accent but it ain't english. >> this is a little different. >> our predictions. >> my pick, i've got for comedy series, "modern family," lead actor in a drama series jon hamm, lead actor in a comedy series. >> never won, jon hamm. >> and drama, i'm going for "downton abby."
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>> i'm also going with that for the drama series. i think i picked for the lead actor, going with hugh bonville, though a lot of people aren't giving it to him, but i love that show, and then for -- well, what else, savannah? >> "downton abbey." i like michelle dockery in "mad men." i love claire danes. >> aren't they in the same category? >> i think claire danes. >> shouldn't you choose one. >> picked three out of the five. so i'm going to win probably one way or the other. >> you can't pick three out of five. >> you said who do you like? i love them all. everyone gets a trophy. >> full disclosure, i haven't seen a lot of shows, but i do watch a lot of "mad men." >> you go to bed at 7:00. >> "breaking bad" is a great show. >> a comedy series. >> i'm a sucker for larry david. i don't think he'll win, but i
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hope he will. >> he'll get nominated for his role as sister mary mangele in "three stooges." >> and i have to give it to amy poehler. >> voted for her in "parks and rec." >> tina fey. >> if she wins, fifth time. >> tough competition in the female category i think. >> our next topic is melting. >> let's get right to it. >> different kinds of ice cream. >> what are these crazy flavors? >> mr. softy, wow. i've got to get outside. hold on. >> so these are limited editions only, right? >> what do we have here. >> ben & jerry's cannoli ice cream which has the cream filling. >> okay. >> let's try it. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't you love your job? >> just to eat ice cream. >> especially when it drips all over you. >> what's this orange one? >> that's pumpkin. >> oh, your favorite. >> pumpkin. >> get in there.
9:12 am
>> i'm going to kill you. >> thas that is really good. the can a knolly is good. >> we have carrot cake. >> i love cared cake. >> with blue bunny. >> cream cheese frosting swirled in. >> this whoopee pie, is where it's the. >> i thought this was whoopi goldberg. >> whoopie pie. >> isn't that your honey boo boo number? >> sugar goober. >> what's the verdict, what do we like? >> i like the whoopie. >> the whoopie pie wins. >> don't do this on "morning joe." >> no budget for ice cream. >> we actually do get dressed for work on our show. >> oh, come on. >> al. >> he's on fire today. >> en fuego.
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this morning on "pop goes "today,"" a round of of all new things noteworthy in hollywood. >> good morning, natalie. >> let's kick it off with our weekly celebrity "say what?" you put me to the guessing game and have to figure out who said what. >> definitely not the life we had planned for ourselves in that way. it's great in a whole different way, like the garth brooks songs, "thank god for unanswered prayers." was it adele, giuliana rancic or
9:17 am
matt damon. >> i'm thinking maybe giuliana rancic. >> i got you this week. >> got me last week, too. >> matt damon. >> he was speaking at the family reach foundation which benefits cancer and i asked him about families suffering through cancer. i asked him about his friendship with ben affleck who pout a house next door. so funny. been friends for 25 years, to see us now with our little girls playing barbie, princess dressup. >> so cute. >> these guys are happy. >> great, great, great. second shot, see if i can redeem myself. both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. so, you know, we've got a little bond there. it's hard but it's okay. was it brad pitt, president obama or was it will smith? >> i'm saying president obama. >> you got this one. >> yes. >> president obama speaking about jay-z and beyonce who had a fund-raiser here in new york for president obama this week so he spoke about that. >> okay. >> they raised a lot of money for obama, $4 million. >> wow. >> now let's talk about what is hot in hollywood.
9:18 am
>> yes. >> sunday is the 64th annual primetime emmy awards, just talked about our picks downstairs and top drama, "downton abbey." >> i think so. >> what about best comedy? >> can go to, will go to "modern family." >> you think it's a sweep? >> no real competition this. show gets 13 million viewers a week. the cast has huge ways. very popular and the emmy voters love it. >> okay. seven primetime emmy awards have gone to tina fey, is that right. >> that's right. >> if she were to win another one, nominated once again in this category. >> a hard category. >> great year for funny ladies. >> that's right. >> but i think julie louis dreyfuss is going to win this one for "veep," election year, 13 times in the past. this could be her third win. but it's tough, lena dunham of "girls." >> i would go with her because she writes the show, too. >> does it all.
9:19 am
>> become such a big hit. >> a newcomer. >> many years to come. >> she's got time. >> i'm going with julia louis on this one. >> the rumors are out there, possible reconciliation between robert pattinson and kristen stewart after that blowup or breakup that they had after she reportedly had a terrorist with the robert sanders producer. >> exactly. twitter sphere is abuzz. i interviewed kristen, told a.p. they would be just fine and a well-placed source said that's the plan. they have to promote "twilight" together but the plan is they will have a good game face on for the cameras. >> always good. like to hear that. >> yes. >> and our final category, picture perfect, and, of course, we love baby photos. jessica simpson recently posed in a photo with her daughter maxwell and here we sea geez can a and maxwell. >> 4 months old, at eric's birthday party, just turned 33 years old and jessica said in
9:20 am
her twit pic last year she was in my belly and now she's here. nice to see jessica doing well and happy with her adorable baby. >> four months already. >> time flying. >> katy perry, woman of many mysteries but she's on her own eat, pray, love, took a picture of herself. do we know where she is? >> don't know. she's visited a volcano and has been praying. grew up with evangelical parents, and you see the rock star side of her, been on a journaly that we would all like to go on that we can relate to as women. >> trying to find herself. >> thanks, natalie. coming up, how to handle your kids' bad habits. helpful advice for parents, but first, these messages. [ horn honks ]
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still to come on "today," fall weekend escapes for the family from coast to coasts that are easy and affordable. >> and if you want to redecorate rooms but don't know where to start. we've got five fresh dwrods update the look of your home. not bad. >> that's after your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> off to another cool start. upper 70's this afternoon. we will take between 75 and 80 with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. seven-day protest into the weekend. thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening.
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>> i love you. that gown is gorgeous. >> thank you. i saw it in the window, and i just couldn't resist it. >> 40 years later and it's still just as funny. carol burnett as scarlet o'hara in one of the most memorable skits from a long running and much-loved variety show. carol will be here monday. maybe we can get her to do the tarzan yell. what were your favorite moments? go to, and we'll share some of your thoughts with her monday on "today." >> they were so good. loved that show. >> and the late great harvey
9:31 am
korman. >> meanwhile, coming up on a different note, if you're the parent of a child that can't stop biting his or her nail, sucking their number, solutions to five of the most bad habits that really work. >> columbus day not that far away, planning a weekend holiday getaway, great destinations that are close to major cities around the country so you don't have to travel too far. and if you're thinking about redecorating your home, easy ways to get started and share some ideas on what's in and what is not. apparently busts of heads are in. >> and skulls. >> skulls are huge. >> skulls are huge this year. >> those are out. >> mixed the ins and outs together to really confuse each other. >> what's in is watching "weekend today." >> i love you, al roker. >> jenna wolf is here to give us a preview. >> thank you, albert. is that okay? >> that's my name. >> perfect. seen the long lines all morning for the iphone 5, but if the new gadget isn't quite for you, we'll show you some smartphone
9:32 am
alternatives this weekend. and then looking for ways to pocket cash, we'll show you how to make extra money by selling your stuff at consignment shops. and this is a transformation fairly out of this world. had a chance to go behind the scenes at the sci-fi network's face-off, the show on the network, very interesting. see how they create living works. >> is that you, jenna? >> that's lester. >> why lester is not here this morning. and we'll preview sunday's emmy awards, all that and so much more when we see this weekend on "today." >> i hope my picks win. >> eva longoria and george lopez will return as co-hosts for the alamo awards tonight celebrating the spirit of latino talent. presenters including jake gyllenhaal, america ferreira and i'm partial to this next one, natalie morales. >> that is not me. >> that's nicole ritchie.
9:33 am
>> what's up with that? >> christina aguilera. >> i want more natalie. >> ryan lochte is there receiving special honors as well. >> you can catch the alamo awards right here on nbc tonight at 8:00 central. >> actually set macfarlane is playing ryan lochte. >> hopefully not. that didn't go over so well. >> a check of the weather. >> the weather, al. >> go out and do some leaf peeping, color in new england, new england. looking at near peek conditions in parts of the northern rockies. >> wow. >> tomorrow, not great leaf-peeping weather in the northeast with the risk of strong storms. out west gorgeous, and then as we move into sunday, sunday, we'll have more warm weather in the pacific northwest. showers left over in northern new england. plenty of sunshine and into the southeast and >> good morning everyone. it will be a mild afternoon.
9:34 am
a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. high and of course we know fall begins on saturday, but life begins sunday. that's because it's time for "sunday night football" night in america. a replay of the afc championship game last year at the patriots invade the m & t bank stadium as well. clear and cool, 58-62. that's right. learn how to speak on "sunday night football" night in america. >> add that sound effect it sounds good. >> can you still do it in korean? >> no, no.
9:35 am
>> my favorite. >> what about in honey boo boo language? >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> all right. coming up next, your kids' bad habits. solutions for parents that really work after these messages. hey! you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. wooo! uh oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are. and now she's made us breakfast. uh oh. [ male announcer ] eggo nutri-grain waffles. you know it's made with 8 grams of whole grain and is a good source of fiber. all they know is it tastes great. eggo nutri-grain waffles.
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to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] this morning on "parenting today" how to break kids' bad habits, from thumb sucking to nail-biting. pediatrician lisa thornton has solutions for parents. good morning. >> good morning. >> how do kids develop bad habits in the first place? >> a lot is natural, thumb-sucking, it's natural, babies do it in the womb and do it when they come out because thuk-sucking is really soothing and feels good and helps babies comfort themselves.
9:39 am
babies that suck their thumbs tend to comfort themselves more easily than those who don't suck anything. >> my eldest did that and comforted him right away. let's get to the five behavior issues a lot of parents complain about and think they have to break kids from this habit. the first one is biting. why do toddlers even go there and go there in the first place? >> so common, do it between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. developing language and don't know how to express themselves so a lot of times they will bite to say, hey, i was using that toy or i'm not ready to go. something like that. they don't communicate well. >> a frustration thing, not something necessarily that came from toothing. >> right. it's important for parents to know it doesn't signal some awful behavior problem in the future, although it is really devastate when your kid is the biter and really annoying when your kid gets bit. >> we had a couple of our parents responded to that on our facebook page. christine wrote my daughter started biting us, and we bit
9:40 am
her back. she quit really quickly because she didn't want to be bitten. is this the right way to handle this? >> i gets it worked for her. >> yeah. >> in general, it can backfire because some people will say well, mommy bites, so it must be okay. so you've got to be careful. the best way to do it is to figure out if there's a pattern to the biting, if you can predict when your child might do it and if they do bite a child to point out to them it hurts, that we cannot bite people and we're hurting someone and allow the child to involve themselves in comforting the other child, putting band-aid on, if necessary. >> thumb-sucking is next. some people think what's so bad about this? this is self-soothing. let them go ahead and do it. is there a problem with it as the child goes older? >> you don't want a 20-year-old thumb-sucking. >> that's for sure, and it can cause dental problems. >> don't want your child sucking their thumb for too long once the teeth come in. it's a natural habit, but if it becomes a bad habit, sometimes other children will get them to stop because they may mention,
9:41 am
hey, you're sucking your thumb, but usually it becomes a mindless thing for a lot of kids so if you remind them, if you're sucking your thumb, they can take their thumbs out. some kids need a substitute like a blankt or stuffed an map. sometimes can you substitute that and stop. >> my youngest three sons sucked their thumbs so we took athletic tape and wrapped their thumbs and they stopped. is that possibly a solution or some sort of way to prevent them or at least make them think about it. >> that's what it does. oh, i've got that athletic tape and i'll get that out. >> the next one is nose picking. very embarrassing. my 4-year-old went through a phase where he was testing me on this one, so what do you recommend parents do? >> nose picking is super common. next time in a car look at the guy next to you. might be doing it in his car, very common. >> sadly they don't outgrow it. >> some don't. kids feel like there's something up there and kids with allergies tend to pick their noses a lot more than others because there's mucous in there.
9:42 am
keep your kid hydrated. teach them to carry tissue with them and blow their nose frequently and if you can't get them to stop, tell them there's a place for it and it's in the bathroom and wash their hands so they are not passing germs to other people. >> cracking knuckles. first of all, where is the sound coming from? >> there's gas in your joints and the gas builds up, and some people notice it more than others so they crack their knuckles because they feel like it loosens them up. >> how do you break this habit? >> you've just got to ask people to stop, you know. this is annoying. not so annoying to the cracker, but to the crackee it can be really annoying >> i like doing it. >> again, this is something that you say there's a place for that. do that in your room by yourself or something like that, but it can be really annoying to people around you. >> dr. lisa thornton, grace tips, thanks so much. coming up next, quick weekend getaways for fall right after this. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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this morning on "today's travel," easy weekend getaways, living in the northeast or the west coast, easy weekend escapes. >> don't you want some hot cocoa. >> a little apple cider. >> very good. >> yeah. easy getaway from new york and boston. >> head to richfield county. >> in connecticut. >> calling it the berkshires of connecticut, so a place to say is the falls village inn. if you're a doyly phobic, don't worry. this place has just been redone. beautiful, very contemporary rooms, and the menu there is very focused on local foods so even their burgers are made with grass-fed beef from a local farm, under $200. >> very nice. >> all right. what kind of activities are there in. >> incredible hiking obviously because you have all the beautiful trails, and the best part, there's no cell phone reception. >> oh. >> so if you want to get off the grid, this is the place to do it. >> the dining room looks
9:47 am
spectacular. >> stunning. >> good food. >> if you're either in the d.c. or philadelphia area. >> lost chesapeake bay area. love that in the summer for sure, but in the fall it's gorgeous as well and a great hotel is the tides inn, and what i love there is they have complementary bikes, cake out a canoe or kayak and tool around the tributaries and done with all the activity, including golf. can you come back and they will teach you how to do an oyster roast or pick your own herbs for your cocktails, unless you wanted straight gwynn, the he can with it and s'mores in the evening on the beach. >> nice way to finish. >> always good. >> let's head out west. a little vineyard in cloverdale, california. >> always great to go to wine country when it's the right season which is the time for the crush, and this is a great time to go to sonoma and wine country and to go to auberge on the vineyard, a great hotel for 165 a night in october. great, great deal. looks gorgeous.
9:48 am
>> like a cia li s commercial. >> they are really focusing on the wine experience. not only are they giving workshops you on pruning, blending and barrel-tasting, they -- you know, you taste the wine >> i thought you taste the barrel. >> no. they have the team verandas where you can sit and really enjoy the beautiful views and have a glass of wine. you know, the one thing they are missing though that you can maybe help them with. >> what's that? >> a little horse dance. >> a little "gangnam style." >> do it. >> i don't think we're going to do that. no. we want people to actually go and show up. let's head down to miami. nice getaway near there. >> hard to believe that people in miami need a getaway from miami. >> i know. >> and if they do go to boca raton. >> lovely. >> designed by an architect named addison meissner. more and more, 30 pools, tons of
9:49 am
activities, space. >> wow. >> lots of activity on the beach including kite-flying. they have sand castle building contests which i love and inner tube races in the ocean. >> the loser doesn't come back. >> i would not do well on that race. >> finally, easy getaway from denver. >> i love aspen, colorado, a gorgeous place to go. the aspens turn the incredible shade of yellow in the fall. absolutely beautiful. a newly renovated hotel, hotel aspen, under $200, the theme for this entire segment, and this is a hotel that gives you much more love than you would expect for the price tag, free breakfast, free wi-fi, hotel transfers and check out the surrounding areas, love seeing that foliage ride on horseback. >> always good to see you. and i'm not doing the horse dance. up next, easy swaps to update your home. but first these messages. this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
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this morning on "today's home," design pet peefz. if you want your house to look like they are out of a magazine, if you add a few touches you can transform a room in your home. life-style editor for joins us. >> hi, natalie. >> talk about redesigning our rooms with what's in and what's out. >> yeah. >> we've seen a lot of wild prints and you're blending in very well. sometimes people can overdo it if they love it so much. >> exactly. who hasn't gotten carried away with a trend or two. i'm proof positive here. >> it looks great on you. >> sometimes we love a trend so much that we just overindulge. you know, welcome to the jungle if you're with this one. >> this is overkill, literally. >> this is overkill. we love animal prints, but when you've got giraffe and zebra and cheetah and lynx all together, you're kind of going into
9:53 am
dangerous territory. >> do you pick one, if you like it just go with one. >> yeah. so what's in, we love an animal print. >> yes. >> but you only need one. >> you know. >> animal prints -- >> moderation. >> here we have this amazing faux cow hide rug from z gallery, 299, plenty of animal. >> some other things thrown in, billions the room and you get a much more polished look. >> about moderation here. >> yeah. >> over here. tell us are skulls finally out? >> tell me yes. >> good. >> let's talk about skulls. when skulls first came out, they were sort of gave anything they were on instant street cred and now we see them on bath mats to shower curtains and kids clothing. might have jumped the shark a little bit >> you think? >> we do have a skull and the great news is halloween is coming up, so the idea is, you know, again, if you love a skull, great, but let's go moderate on it. >> right. >> and we've got a great new
9:54 am
trend that school lovers can try out and that is the classical bust. >> okay. >> now, these are amazing. they are so heavy. >> mm-hmm. >> they are gorgeous. they are just $29 from plaster craft, and the great thing about these is that, you know, in a modern room they look modern. in a traditional room they look classic, and this is a major -- >> they look great in a piano room. >> would look great in a piano room. >> next the wall decals. >> yeah. what's your take on this whole thing. >> you know, there's a time and a place for everything. >> right. kids room maybe better. >> kids place is the place would you want to see a wall decal now. there's a place for everything, and wall decals have been a huge trend. but i bet a lot of wall decal lovers didn't know that you can actually buy graphic art for the same price or less. >> cool. >> than a wall decal and don't even have to peel it off your wall. these are from starting at $9.
9:55 am
you can get some amazing artist prints. >> they look great. >> or reproductions from your famous artist and these are in fans so can you move them around from room to run. >> fun. over here, dried flowers, around for decades. sometimes the flower arrangements have been around for decades. time to get rid of these? >> right. >> every person out there, if you look hard enough, you might have a dried flower arrangement in your house. >> throw it out. >> so the idea is they do take some upkeep. need to dust these things off, and if you can't find it, probably not enjoying it. >> really quickly saying freshen up with fall. go with fresh. >> topiaries or gorgeous paper flowers from the green vase. so pretty and only need one in a bud vase to do it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good stuff. coming up next is kathie lee and hoda. pink performs again. that's after your local news and weather. have a great
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